7 weeks is how long it has been since this man saw his family.

7 weeks since the last time he kissed his wife goodbye, and held his little boy. 7 weeks of traffic, truck stops, lonely nights, little sleep, and watching the odometer tick away the miles. 7 weeks since he’s had a home cooked meal. 7 weeks since he’s sat on his couch and watched tv. 7 weeks. For some, that’s what it takes to provide. For some, that is the sacrifice they make to keep the stores loaded with product….FOR YOU. He does his job with pride. His heart is in it. That truck is his home away from home. He treats it as such. Just look at the polished door trim. He’s a Trucker. The real deal in polished steel. Now, look at the little boy’s face. Priceless! Chase will never be a spoiled, entitled kid. He already knows sacrifice. He sacrifices his time with his dad daily, knowing it’s because America needs him, and other truckers like him. He appreciates the time he gets with his dad a little more, because he doesn’t get the time other kids do with their dads. Chase knows what it takes to earn a dollar. He knows that nothing comes easy. Chase is raised to appreciate things. He appreciates time more than anything, and knows how valuable it is. You can tell by the look on his face, Superman ain’t got nothing on that man whose lap he sits on. His Daddy is his superhero. His Daddy earned that title, and still does daily. The only thing stronger than that man, is the woman that stands behind him. She pushes him when he’s tired and ready to give up. She takes care of the home, and the family, while he does whatever it takes to provide. As a team, they are Amazing people, and parents. Teamwork makes the dream work. Kudos to you both. Thank you for all you do. ✌

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