A semi flipped over at an intersection in Neligh, Nebraska, sending cows flying from the trailer.

A semi hauling cattle flipped Thursday night, sending cows flying out of the roof, straight towards a liquor store.

The semi and the cows avoided crashing into the store by just a few inches.

That accident happened on Hwy 275, just before 12:00 a.m., near Lucky Joe’s Liquor store on 108 E 2nd street in Neligh, Nebraska.
Store owner, Joe Lichty, released security camera footage of the accident.
The video shows the semi turning over on the curve, hitting a pole and cows crashing through the roof of the semi.
Lichty says that the driver of the semi was not injured, but some of the cows had to be put down.
Lichty also said the store didn’t suffered any damage, except for the ice machine outside.

Credit: https://bit.ly/2SRpdyO


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