What is dangerous riding behind the wagon

The most common argument in favor of this way of driving is the fuel economy.

Many motorists, especially beginners, when driving on the highway prefer to settle in the tail of the trucks. The most common argument in favor of this way of driving is the fuel economy. Is it all simply and clearly?

Undoubtedly, this method of transportation has other advantages: for example, the driver of the car, “stuck” to the back of the truck in an unfamiliar area, has the ability to slip through a police post unnoticed. In addition, most of the truckers, thanks to contacts with colleagues, always aware of all associated ambushes and know in advance where to slow down. So go in peace, following the “big brother”, not in a hurry, and not thinking about anything.

And fuel really consumed less as the car on the tail of the wagon is facing less resistance to the oncoming air stream moving into the vacuum zone. But here’s the RUB — for best results have come close to the rear bumper of the Peterbilt at the minimum distance, which is contrary to the requirements of the traffic rules on the observance of a safe distance. “Catch up” leading to such conditions a piece of cake, and the desire to save may result in unforeseen costs.

Good reasons why you should not breathe in the back of the truck quite a lot. For example, the impressive dimensions of the trucks limit the visibility from the front — you can’t see where you’re going, which can lead to serious problems.

Don’t forget that one of the main conditions for trouble-free driving, adequate forecasting of the traffic situation. While following the truck, you can not in time to react to a suddenly appearing from under the truck a hole or a bump. Even scarier, if from the bottom of the wagon “draw” any large foreign object. Because, as a rule, the ground clearance of this car is much more than the average car. The truck driver will miss the obstacle between the wheels, and you will not make the desired maneuver and is likely to RAID the bottom of a rock, piece of log or a lost item.  Another problem is the scratches on the paint coating of your cars that appear from small pebbles flying from the wheels of the truck in large numbers. In rainy weather it is also the rapid flow of water and dirt, impairing visibility. A serious danger is the fact that not all drivers exactly follow the rules of safety in the carriage of cargo in the open back. So after over loaded KAMAZ, you are absolutely not immune from bricks, boards and other materials inadvertently falling out of the truck. Often trucks are smoked, so be ready, pastrevys for them to enjoy the pleasures of the exhaust mist. But if loaded with a trailer crawling up the hill at a snail’s pace, you will have to slow down to a minimum and patience. In the end, bristling at the dirty bumper of the van or truck and do not see the prospect of picturesque landscapes — it is pointless from an aesthetic point of view. So what is the best truck to overtake, but while respecting the rules of the road and all necessary precautions.

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