Dramatic Video: Semi pushes car for half mile on I-55 after crash

ST. LOUIS (WLS) — A man heading to St. Louis from Chicago witnessed a crash Monday morning on I-55 and recorded video of the aftermath. Sanel Pilipovic’s video shows a semi pushed a car down the interstate for about half a mile before it broke free on an exit ramp. The semi kept going. “I started yelling at the guy to get out of the car. I thought the car was going to catch fire. All four tires were flat. The car was messed up from every side. I mean, everything was totaled. He looked scared,” Pilipovic said. “I knew he was scared and stuff because of what happened. I know he did not know what was going on. I am sure he was lost.” That driver is OK. There is no word yet on whether police were able to find the truck driver.

Score: abc7chicago.com

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