Drive Regional at Higher Pay & Enjoy the Life You’ve Always Wanted

It’s the home time you want and the pay you deserve. Regional driving opportunities at deBoer Transportation, Inc. deliver the kind of work experience you’ve waited for. According to Rick Crosson, Chief Operating Officer at deBoer Transportation, “Drivers, like everyone else, are looking for flexibility and predictability. Driving is a means to a stable life, and a regional driving opportunity offers just that. The regional freight opportunities we provide enable drivers to have predictable runs that get them home in five to six days.” Crosson is also proud of the new pay and bonus increases that went into effect earlier this year. “Drivers with less than one year experience noticed a significant weekly increase in their paychecks,” he said. “We raised pay across the board for our mileage drivers and introduced a new weekly mileage bonus and monthly performance bonus. It’s another step in providing drivers an income that they can rely on and the opportunity to build a lucrative career.” Throughout the years, drivers frequently had to give up one thing to get another, especially where their career was concerned. “It was often thought that those who opted for regional or local work had to sacrifice a living wage for the benefit of getting home more frequently. Today’s driver wants both; strong earning potential and predictable home time,” Crosson said. “With our strong market position, we can offer our drivers top dollar for regional runs. These are the kind of freight opportunities that work for everybody.” This is just one example of the many things that set deBoer Transportation apart from others in the industry. The company is not only dedicated to its employees; it is committed to providing superior customer service and operational excellence. As a result, deBoer Transportation has won a number of “Carrier of the Year Awards” throughout the years. Founded in 1967, deBoer Transportation started as a small, family run cattle hauler in rural Blenker, Wisconsin. Today, deBoer Transportation operates throughout the United States offering a variety of career opportunities and a Military Fast Track program.

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