Family desperately searches for dog after tractor-trailer crash

A Georgia family is desperately searching for their 4-year-old dog Toby following a near fatal accident in Henrico in January. For 44 years, Terry Galambos has driven trucks professionally, spending days and weeks on the road. A few years ago, his family adopted Toby, a shih tzu terrier mix, who quickly became Terry’s companion on the road. “That’s somebody that rides in the truck with me, keeps me company, you’re in there by yourself for hours, days on end,” explained Terry. “He was an excellent dog.” On Tuesday, Jan. 30, Terry was headed towards I-295 North to I-64 East in Henrico when his truck overturned, trapping him and Toby inside. He admits he was tired at the time and wanted to stop at a rest area, but felt he needed to keep going. “I never wrecked a truck in my life, ’til this one, and I did a doozy,” said Terry. “It was just like I was zoning out and when I came to I was on an exit ramp, going way too fast for the speed, and then just rolled the truck.” His wife, Laurie, says his injuries were severe, Terry suffered five broken ribs, bruised lungs, broken collarbone, numerous stitches and lacerations and broken facial and sinus bones. He spent a week at VCU Medical Center before returning home to Atlanta to continue to recover. “It took them an hour and a half to cut him out of the truck,” said Laurie Galambos. “Toby came out of the truck and animal control was there and tried to catch him and so did the truck driver that night. “Spooked by the accident, the couple says Toby took off. Henrico Animal Control says they received calls in the days following the accident, but have not been able to locate Toby. “I wish he was here,” said Terry. The Galambos’ says co-workers and friends in the Richmond area have continued to keep an eye out for Toby, to bring him home safely. They say he has a collar with his name and their phone number, and Toby also has a microchip.

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Henrico Animal Control encourages anyone who might see Toby, not to run up to him and try to catch him, because that might continue to scare him, instead call Animal Control officers at 804-501-5000.

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