Female trucker reveals the “truth about trucking” in ongoing Youtube vlog

An over-the-road female truck driver is using her Youtube channel to reveal what she calls the “truth about trucking” as a woman driver. Truck driver Brittney Nicole Richardson is a self-proclaimed Ghost Hunter, Tornado Chaser, Thrill Seeker, Rescue Worker, and YouTuber who began her journey as a trucker more than six years ago. “I got into truck driving because it was an opportunity to make a good living and be independent…, I feel this is a great industry to be in, ” Richardson explained to ABC News. “After revealing my plans to attend truck school, I was told by guys I knew that I’d never make it in trucking and that ‘it’s a man’s job.’


That only encouraged me to work harder and show them up.” Richardson worked to get her CDL, secured a trucking position and, in April of 2014, started her very own Youtube channel, showcasing the thrilling, terrifying, and heartwarming moments that come with being an over-the-road trucker, particularly as a woman. “It’s definitely different in an industry that is predominantly male,” she continued. “As a woman, I often get overtalked or ignored if there is another man talking…. But I can put on a little female charm and say something funny to instantly get their attention back.” Besides the social intricacies of navigating the trucking industry as a woman, in her Youtube channel, Richardson frequently explains the dangerous reality that is being a woman in trucking.

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