The FMCSA is allowing owners of certain ELDS to use paper logs because of a software bug

The FMCSA is allowing owners of certain J.J. Keller and Associates brand Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) to use traditional paper logs to track their hours, instead of electronic logs, until the end of February. According to OOIDA-owned Lane Line Magazine, certain J.J. Keller brand ELDs are not currently functioning properly, and failing to properly transfer data. As a result, on February 9th, the FMCSA has granted a temporary waiver for owners of the deficient devices. An FMCSA document, provided to J.J. Keller ELD customers, states that any driver using the affected ELDs can “continue to use paper records of duty status in lieu of the ELD device until deficiencies identified in J.J. Keller’s corrective action plan are remedied.” The devices affected by the temporary waiver are as follows: Geotab GO7 – J.J. Keller Android BYOD, Geotab GO7 – J.J. Keller Android Tablet, J.J. Keller ELD – Android BYOD 2.0, J.J. Keller ELD – Android Tablet 2.0, J.J. Keller ELD – iOS 2.0, J.J. Keller ELD –iOS 2.5, J.J. Keller ELD – Android BYOD 2.5, J.J. Keller ELD – Android Compliance Tablet 2.5 The issue is expected to be fixed via software updates in the near future. The waiver lasts until the deficiencies are fixed, or until February 28th, 2018, whichever occurs first. A J.J. Keller representative told LiveTrucking that any customer who chooses to use the short-term extension, must have a copy of the FMCSA document in their vehicle to present at a roadside inspection.

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