Interstate 55 pileup in snow caught on camera in 4K

Heavy snow created icy roads and low visibilities across central Illinois on Wednesday, leading to this multiple-vehicle pileup on northbound Interstate 55 at Elkhart (north of Springfield). For licensing call Kory Hartman at 605-770-1624 Copyright Dan Robinson. Shot list: 1.) Speeding cars and trucks in low visibility and icy roads, ingredients for a pileup 2.) Pickup truck slides off of the interstate to avoid slowing traffic 3.) The moments before a car slides into a semi are shown. Video of the actual incident is not being released 4.) Semis sliding and partially jackknifing 5.) Minor collision 6,7.) More sliding semis 8.) EMS vehicles on the scene after the visibility improves 9,10.) IDOT snowplows 11.) Dash cam of pickup spinout in front of semi

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