Learn The Story Of Trucker And His Dog !

A trucker and his dog have been reunited after the pup was stolen from outside a warehouse and then thrown out of a moving car. 54-year-old trucker Theron Miller and his Chihuahua-Beagle mix Tedge were reunited on Monday, February 26th after being apart for nearly a month. According to the Boston Globe, it all started on January 30th at a warehouse in Everett, Massachusetts, where Miller was making a routine delivery. “I let him out to run a little bit because he’s always in the truck,” Miller said. “Usually he comes right back when I whistle for him but he didn’t come back this time.” Miller then spent the entire evening searching for his four-legged companion, but found no sign of him. “I spent all night looking for him but never found him,” he said. Miller then went online to the Everett Animal Control website and saw a photo of Tedge, along with a story explaining how, according to Everett police, two witnesses watched the poor dog be thrown from a moving SUV and onto Revere Beach Parkway, where they rescued him and took him to the vet. Tedge then had to have one of his hind legs removed due to the severity of his injuries, along with several stitches and a cone, but thanks to donations contributed by local citizens, Tedge’s medical bills are all paid for. “Tedge is happy to be home and looking forward to getting back on the road with Theron. Safe travels to you both and glad this one had a happy ending,” the Everett Police Department wrote in Facebook post. “I love having him back. It’s great,” said Miller, who doesn’t seem to mind that his furry co-pilot will have one less leg the next time they hit the road. “I love him, and he’s just, like, my partner.”

There was a nice reunion at Everett PD today when truck driver Therron Miller from Montana was able to be see his puppy…

Posted by Everett MA Police on Monday, February 26, 2018

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