LISTEN: Did You Know That “Convoy” Singer C.W. McCall Didn’t Actually Exist?

his surprising short piece from NPR delves into the history of the trucker protest anthem “Convoy.”

“Convoy” Message of Struggle and Protest Rings True Today

The NPR piece looks into how the gas crisis of 1976 and a federally imposed nationwide speed limit of 55 m.p.h. took its toll on trucking. It was in this tough environment that the CB radio forged bonds between truckers, creating community and shaping the lingo that still defines the trucking industry to this day.

And the CB slang that advertising executive Bill Fries learned by listening in on truckers helped him create the character C.W. McCall for a bread campaign. The fictional singer-songwriter went on to “write” the classic trucking song “Convoy”, which topped the charts and was featured in the film of the same name. You can listen to the NPR segment below.

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