Lyle School District Reflects on School Crash

The Lyle school district is recovering from the school crash that happened a month ago. “We’re stronger,” school social worker LuAnn Stroup said. “We’ve been through something together now and this is a big deal.” On the morning of January 16, a semi-truck rear-ended a car on Highway 218, then careened into the side of the school, burying the semi-tractor inside the building. It prompted an evacuation at a time when the wind-chill was 25 degrees below zero. “The month before the accident we had devised a crisis response plan, and so we pulled that together immediately” Lyle school social worker LuAnn Stroup explained.

“One of the mistakes was we didn’t have the key handy for the church. that’s a building we identified in the past as a safe place for us in case the building, the school building is not inhabitable” Superintendent Bryan Boysen told us. The crash caused heavy damage to an art room and a sixth-grade classroom. Since then, those students have been housed in other areas. “I don’t feel like we’re overly cramped,” teacher Katie Bambrick told us. “We’re short a computer lab but we’re going to make use of our i-pads more.” The crash injured four people … two in the school and two in the car that was rear-ended. School officials have been in contact with MnDOT to raise concerns about the speed limit through the school zone.”They’re looking at doing a traffic study,” Superintendent Bryan Boysen said. “So we’re going to see some changes.”School resumed on the Friday of the week of the crash.”We kind of took it easy on the curriculum, just kind of getting the kids back into the routine, answering questions that they had,” teacher Katie Bambrick said. “We were able to come back on Monday, they had the weekend to process all of the information they took in and we were able to get back into the curriculum really rather quickly.”

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