Making life easier for fleet Asset Management and drivers with HERE and GPS-Buddy

The lifetime of a fleet manager will be nerve-racking. Not solely does one have an enormous range of vehicles to stay tabs on and guarantee they get to the proper destinations on time, however it is your responsibility to think about alternative ephemeral obstacles that would not occur to a driver of, say, a family hatchback. Now, GPS-Buddy, a global fleet management company, is functioning with HERE to form the lives of each fleet managers, and drivers, that a lot of easier.

GPS-Buddy offers fleet and plus management solutions, serving to firms keep higher track of everything from trucks, to sensitive materials like pharmaceutical product. the data provided to fleet managers includes everything from expected time of arrival for trucks, to additional elaborated info regarding the route.

This info is all provided to the driving force via GPS-Buddy’s mobile driver app. we tend to spoke with Desmond van Kooten, sales director at GPS-Buddy, United Nations agency told USA additional regarding however the corporate is functioning with HERE information to complement the app:

“We’ve been operating terribly closely with HERE to deliver correct truck navigation to our drivers, through the driving force app. However, we tend to did not solely need to incorporate correct navigation — our goal was to supply truck drivers and fleet managers with very important info regarding the task ahead to assist optimise coming up with, and improve potency.”
Desmond explains that GPS-Buddy has antecedently used alternative navigation systems, however found that they lacked the depth of options and knowledge that HERE provides:

“HERE offers options that we would have liked to be enforced into our truck navigation — providing info on everything from the stops drivers got to create, to wherever they have to load and unload the lorries, to weight and dimension restrictions on roads and in tunnels.”

Special delivery

Desmond stresses the importance of this info in creating life easier for the driving force. By providing elaborated info on the routes, drivers will guarantee they do not become involved in sticky things — taking a route that involves a tunnel 2 inches too tiny for the truck, for instance. Desmond adds:

“Not solely can routing be additional correct, but, because of our work with HERE, the app conjointly includes info on traffic incidents, that helps drivers avoid obtaining stuck in traffic jams and delaying their journeys. Such elaborated info also can take away confusion for drivers, who, if an occurrence happens, will consider the app to reroute them.”

“Essentially, we wish to deliver a one-stop, trustworthy info resource to form drivers’ lives easier.”

Route coming up with

That said, the advantages of the app, and also the options provided by HERE information, conjointly be the fleet manager further because the client at the opposite finish of the journey.

For the latter, optimised routing helps make sure that their things can make the planned time, whereas the app conjointly includes options as well as contact info for the client, in order that if Associate in Nursing unforeseen incident happens, the client will be au courant and change their plans consequently.

As for fleet managers, the app also can create their lives easier. Desmond says:

“For fleet managers, a high degree of designing is implausibly necessary. Knowing that driver ought to escort that truck, wherever they ought to load and unload, after they can arrive, and that routes they take will create an enormous distinction to each the end-customer expertise, and to the means resources square measure planned and accounted for.”

“Thanks to our work with HERE, the app currently provides a trustworthy supply of data that provides drivers peace of mind and additional correct coming up with for fleet managers. Not solely that, however it ensures that customers’ expectations will be met. basically, we tend to square measure creating life easier for all concerned.”

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