New York to spend $4.3 million to keep trucks from hitting bridges

New York To Spend Millions To Keep Trucks From Illegally Entering Parkways

Transportation workers will be installing over-height vehicle detectors in thirteen different locations on Long Island parkways. When the new technology detects an over-height vehicle, it triggers a message on a nearby full color LED variable message sign display warning the truck driver not to enter the roadway. The system will also notify the New York State Department of Transportation about the incident.

A news release from the office of Governor Cuomo notes that the detectors will be placed in areas where bridge strikes are common: “New York State parkways traditionally have bridges that are lower than the standard legal bridge clearance. Commercial vehicles, school buses, tractor trailers and other tall vehicles are prohibited from driving on parkways. Locations for the over-height detector systems were determined from places where trucks have been known to improperly enter parkways.

The Governor’s office notes that after a similar system was installed in the Hudson Valley in 2015, bridge strikes dropped by 30% in 2016.

Cuomo says that the new technology will improve safety and reduce traffic: “Every bridge strike is not only a danger to the motorists and passengers involved, but also exacerbates the very serious traffic problems that Long Islanders experience every day. With the installation of these detectors, we are moving this region’s parkways into the 21st century with state-of-the-art technology designed to prevent these bridge strikes and improve the safety and reliability of these vital roadways.”

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