Pair of crashes leaves milk, cattle spilled on I-5, I-15 freeways

(KGTV) – A pair of crashes Wednesday left milk and cattle spilled on two US highways during the hectic travel week. A tractor-trailer carrying milk spilled across southbound Interstate 5 in Burbank Wednesday at about 5:30 a.m. PST near Burbank Boulevard, according to ABC- KABC.

The overturned big rig shut down multiple lanes, backing up traffic for miles. All lanes were reopened to traffic at about 12 p.m. No injuries were immediately reported. The cause of the crash is unknown. In Ogden, Utah, a tractor-trailer carrying livestock was involved in a crash on I-84 at about 11 a.m. PST, according to ABC- KTVX. The wreck caused the semi to overturn, spilling cattle from the I-84 overpass onto I-15 below. Weber County troopers were responding to help clear the scene. Footage at the scene showed many cattle lying motionless, presumably dead, and others walking around the freeway.

Warning, graphic video follows:

Posted by Justyne Salazar-Martinez on Wednesday, November 22, 2017

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