Police are trying to figure out how this trucking company went up in flames

The Minnesota State Fire Marshall is looking for the cause of a huge fire that destroyed a trucking company building along with multiple semi trucks yesterday. The fire was reported just before 4:30 on Monday, November 26, at the Quade and Sons trucking facility in St. Paul Park, Minnesota.

Investigators say that the fire started in the truck repair shop and quickly spread to the rest of the building. Several witnesses reported hearing explosions coming from inside the building as either truck tires or propane tanks on forklifts blew up. Truck driver James Ticheli was scheduled to drop off a trailer at the facility right after the fire broke out, but soon realized that he would be unable complete the delivery. “I called Werner and I said, ‘I can’t deliver.’ And they said why. ‘Cause the building’s burning.’ What building? ‘The building I’m supposed to deliver it to,’ he told CBS Minnesota.

Six semi trucks inside the building were destroyed and several others were damaged in the fire. The Quade and Sons facility is considered to be a total loss. “As far as the worst things I’ve seen, this is the worst thing I’ve seen,” Ticheli said. No injuries were reported. Around 50 firefighters from five different agencies responded to the blaze. They were able to put a stop to the fire before it reached the St. Paul Park Oil Refinery across the road. The State Fire Marshall is actively investigating the cause of the fire.

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