Slow-roll protest on Interstate 57

MARION, Ill. — More than a dozen truck drivers protested Saturday on Interstate 57 by “slow rolling” from Marion to Effingham.

They were protesting regulations they feel are hurting their industry. Drivers say while some of the regulations and protocols are a step in the right direction, others are making their job more dangerous. Big rig operators that participated say they would like to see more training for new drivers, an update to the electronic logging system, and more parking.

“We’re here to fight the regulations and the non-safety that has been brought to our industry by the government and the American Trucking Association.

It’s a play-to-play game out here anymore and it’s not about safety – and that’s what we’re trying to bring back as owner-operators and individual owners,” said driver Mark Davis.

Saturday’s slow-roll is one of many events planned leading up to a nationwide trucking shutdown on April 12, 2019.

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