Some residents in a neighborhood fuming over semi-truck traffic

YUMA, Ariz. – It’s a daily safety concern in one Yuma neighborhood. Some residents are saying semi-trucks are barreling down their street at night.

“We get semis on our streets around two to three times a day and we’re a residential area,” said resident Andrea Bonde.  Andrea Bonde said she is tired of having semi-trucks mistake her street as a back entrance to a loading dock.  She believes the GPS is taking truck drivers on the wrong truck route.  Kuns Court is where Andrea and her fiancée Brendan Ward live and at this time there are no signs that read “Local Traffic Only.”  “We are actually hoping to have a sign put up out on 32nd Street and Windsor. They got a nice sign down at the Walmart on Avenue B and 24th Street where it says no Walmart access. Maybe even a sign up that says not a truck route,” said Brendan Ward.  Another neighbor said she sees semis traveling the road every night and she is tired of it.  “Now with the accident that I saw my neighbor experience, it’s awful. One time a semi passed through and left damaged car parts on my driveway. It scares me that they might back into my home,” said resident Rosalba Gurrola.   Andrea said on Saturday night her car was parked in the driveway when it was a smashed and moved three feet by a semi-truck. She says enough is enough.  “So not only are semis coming around, but we have kids in this neighborhood. Semis have a big blind spot. What’s it going to take them, hitting a kid for us to get something done over here.”  According to the city ordinance, truck drivers are in violation of the city code. They’re required to follow their truck route, in this case, Pacific Ave. would be there best option. We reached out to Walmart and they declined to comment at this time.

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