Spring storm leaves many stranded in Southwestern Minnesota

MARSHALL, M.N. (KSFY) – Many motorists got stuck in the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” this weekend.

Some tried to outrun this storm. But instead, ended up stuck in the thick of it. Heavy snow and strong winds slammed Marshall and Southwestern Minnesota, catching many drivers off-guard. Some people KSFY spoke with say they knew about the blizzard warning but chanced it anyway. One of these drivers is Dwight Tolk, a truck driver from Athens, WI. “This is one of the big ones,” he said. “I’ve been in quite a few and other than icy conditions this is right up there in the top five.” Another trucker from Texas quickly learned that you can not always escape Mother Nature. Carlos Jackson, from Huston, TX, found himself in a ditch and had to be rescued by the Minnesota Highway Department. “They shut down Interstate 29 and I got stuck in it,” he said. “And then I come this way and I got stuck in a ditch. The wind was blowing so hard that it pushed my cab off to the side of the road. But, the back kept the weight of the truck on the road. It was very scary.” Many around the area will have some digging out to do.

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