Tennessee 385 at Hacks Cross reopened after 3-vehicle crash

After nearly 5 hours, westbound and eastbound traffic on Tenn. 385 has reopened after a 3-vehicle crash on the roadway. One person was injured in the crash that involved two vehicles and a tractor-trailer. The accident was reported at 4:42 a.m. and traffic lanes were shut down in the area until around 9:30 a.m. when the accident was cleared. Authorities said the tractor-trailer was carrying cooking oil, but this oil did not spill on the road. Oil from the truck’s enegine spilled when the vehicle jack-knifed in the crash. Eastbound traffic is moving again on Tenn. 385 after a 3-vehicle crash but westbound traffic remains shut down in the area, TDOT officials said. The crash is now expected to be cleared by 10 a.m.
As crews worked to clear the accident, motorists were directed to alternate routes including Tenn. 385 at Winchester and Forest Hill Irene. Traffic was backed up in these areas. Westbound and eastbound traffic lanes on Tenn. 385 at Hacks Cross remain closed. Roadway was expected to reopen at 8:30, but that time has been pushed to 9:30 a.m., according to Tennessee Department of Transportation officials.  A 3-vehicle crash involving a tractor-trailer shut down traffic on Tenn. 385 at Hacks Cross Tuesday morning. The accident was reported at 4:42 a.m. on westbound Tenn. 385 at Hacks Cross. The westbound lanes have been temporarily closed and eastbound traffic is being diverted to alternate routes. Earle Farrell, a spokesman with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, said a Honda Civic hit the back of an SUV and a tractor-trailer then hit one of the vehicles. The 18-wheeler jack-knifed and spilled oil from its engine on the roadway.Farrell said the driver of the Honda was taken from the scene in critical condition.

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