Video: Texas highway car flip

Watch as a driver is blind to the tractor-trailer right next to them on the highway as they begin to merge.
At the start of the video, the car is traveling one lane to the left of the tractor-trailer and traveling behind the truck.There is no way that this motorist does not know that they are sharing the road with a CMV. The motorist begins to merge right as it gets caught on the rear left side wheels of the truck. One Reddit user commented on this video saying, “Yeah, you don’t wanna get sucked under those tires.” As the motorist swerves back into the left lane after being caught on the truck it slams into the median. Right after hitting the median, the vehicle flips once and appears to land on the roof of the vehicle. The dashcammer and the truck slam on their brakes to avoid further incident before stopping to help the driver and any passengers in the flipped vehicle.

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