Tractor trailer causes ‘significant damage’ to three lanes on MacKay Bridge

The 18-wheeler went through one of the lanes designed for car traffic only around 8 a.m. Wednesday.A tractor trailer struck the overhead canopy of a toll booth on the MacKay Bridge this morning, damaging multiple lanes and slowing down morning traffic. While heading to Halifax around 8 a.m. Wednesday, the driver of the 18-wheeler went through the wrong lane causing “significant damage” to three booths, according to Alison MacDonald, the spokesperson for Halifax Harbour Bridges. Three out of seven toll lanes on the bridge are dedicated to “commercial use”, meaning they have higher canopies for transport trucks or other large vehicles. Instead, the driver went through a dedicated car lane, causing the tractor trailer to hit the lower canopy. “Nobody is hurt but commuters should expect delays,” MacDonald said. “We still need to assess the damage and remove the truck.” MacDonald said one of the three damaged lanes is expected to open again later Wednesday, while the damage to the other lanes is still being assessed.

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