Video: Truck Driver Follows GPS Onto 3-ton Limit Bridge, Causing It To Collapse

A lost truck driver collapsed a three ton bridge in Alabama on Wednesday after following his GPS across the 80 year old structure. The incident occurred on February 21st in Cullman County, Alabama.

As the driver was attempting to cross, the bridge collapsed, sending the rig partially into Rock Creek below. Luckily, the truck driver was not hurt in the incident, but a towing company had to be called to remove the semi truck from the remote location.

Crumples 3 Ton Bridge On County Road 821
Initial Repair/Replacement Bill Estimated Near $500,00 Incident involved a 53 foot Dollar General (DG) 18-wheeler with a significantly merchandise loaded box trailer weighing 30. Several Cullman County Road Department bridge experts were called to the scene and determined that the bridge is no longer fit for use, leaving the county with the option to either entirely replace the bridge for an estimated $500,000, or shut the structure down for good, closing County Road 821 to through traffic. It is not clear what action the county will take or what citations, if any, the unidentified truck driver has been charged with.

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