Truck Driver Hospitalized After Rollover Crash In Mahopac

The driver of a dump truck was hospitalized after a rollover crash that brought down a pole and power lines in Mahopac on Wednesday. The still-energized 13,000-volt wires above the wreck on Long Pond Road near Pleasant Road prevented first-responders from approaching or removing the loan driver from the truck, said Tom Beatty of the Mahopac Volunteer Fire Department. By order of MVFD Chief Bill Nikisher, the road was closed to all traffic by Carmel Police, MVFD personnel and with the assistance of MFVFD Chief Brian Sacher. NYSEG crews soon removed power from that stretch of power lines, and cut away the damaged pole and transformer. Rendered safe, this allowed the MVFD rescue crews to do their work. The victim was safely removed and taken to Danbury Hospital to be evaluated. Lisi’s towing used two heavy tow trucks to lift the dump truck from the roadside embankment back on to its wheels. The truck was towed away and NYSEG crews proceeded to install a new utility pole and transformer. Power was restored to the area.

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