A Truck Driver Kicked A Thief Off A Motorbike To Retrieve His Stolen Cell Phone

Surveillance cameras in south China’s Guangdong Province captured the incredible footage of a truck driver kicking a thief off a motorbike to retrieve his stolen cell phone. The incident began when the thief approached the parked truck and reached into its cab, snatching the phone from the Chinese trucker and fleeing the scene on a motorized scooter. Later that morning, the truck driver noticed the same thief returning to the area and ran into the street — directly into the path of the oncoming scooter. As the bike and truck driver were about to collide, the trucker leapt into the air and delivered a spinning kick to the thief, knocking the bike to the ground. The driver then “delivered another knock-out blow before retrieving his phone,” CGTV reported.

Watch the Video :

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