Truck driver praised for honest Facebook video

  • Truck driver Trevor Vale, from Queensland, believes he was targeted by police
  • The truckie was pulled over after leaving a service station in North Queensland
  • Mr Vale, who has one eye, said the police officer called him a ‘f***ing disgrace’
  • He called out the police officer and explained he is legally allowed to drive 

An Australian truck driver who uploaded a video complaining about police has been praised online.
Trevor Vale, from Queensland, posted the four-minute long video to Facebook on Saturday, which has since recorded two million views. Mr Vale, who has one eye, believes he was targeted by police as he drove away from a service station after having his meal break. The truckie said he and a police officer had been talking for a few minutes inside the station before leaving together to drive off.

But Mr Vale was then pulled over just five kilometres down the road by the same police officer. In the video, Mr Vale said the cop asked to see his ‘relevant paperwork’ that allowed him to drive a truck with only one eye.

Complying, the truckie handed over his license and paperwork before the police officer allegedly began to abuse him. ‘His words were: “It’s bad enough you blokes are out here causing carnage on the roads, and they let people with one eye drive these things. F***ing disgrace”,’ Mr Vale said.

‘Where the hell do you get off saying something like that?
‘I cop s**t about my eye every day of the week and I don’t give a s**t, but to label every truck driver out here causing carnage on the roads? Maybe you wanna start getting some bloody facts right.’ An emotional Mr Vale then hit back at the police officer, calling him ‘nothing but an a***hole wrapped in blue with a badge’. ‘You go on about fatigue on the roads and you didn’t even check my log book,’ the truckie said.

Mr Vale said he had a ‘lot of respect for police officers who do a hard job’, but explained that truck drivers are also under a lot of pressure. ‘We leave our family behind to deliver stuff Australian’s need, we’ve travelled this country all over – we don’t deserve to be treated like pieces of s**t,’ he said. ‘We are normal human beings, and to have some a***hole treat us like that is just wrong.’ The truckie has been praised for his honesty online, with many calling out the police officer. ‘Might have one eye but clearly can do a better job and see a good person better than that cop,’ one person wrote. ‘To target you because you have only one eye and not check your papers were in order says a lot about that cop,’ wrote another.

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