Truck driver’s lucky escape after ‘massive impact’ crash, cabin destroyed by fire in Melbourne

Quick-thinking passers-by have pulled a truck driver to safety moments before his cabin burst into flames after a crash in the early hours of the morning on Melbourne’s West Gate Freeway. Police said the truck, which was carrying an empty shipping container, crashed through out-bound, metal road barriers at Port Melbourne, and continued for 150 metres before it stopped and caught fire. The driver, 44, has been taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Metropolitan Fire Brigade Commander Phil Rogan said the truck driver was very fortunate after a “massive impact” to the cabin. “Thankfully he did get out before sustaining any burns but he has got some non-life threatening injuries.” Soon after, five cars driving past the scene were involved in a nose-to-tail collision. Three patients were treated on the scene by paramedics, with one woman, 37, taken to hospital for observation.

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