Trucker Makes It A Mile Through Floodwaters Before Stalling Out

A truck driver was rescued by Indiana law enforcement officers this week after he braved some of the worst floodwaters seen in the state in decades. Trucker Rescued Following Foray Into Floodwater
On Tuesday, February 27, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources DNR reported that they had rescued an unidentified truck driver near Cortland in Jackson County after he drove for a mile through deep flood waters. After the truck stalled, the driver was rescued by Indiana authorities via airboat with help from a Good Samaritan in a jon “Even semi trucks are no match for Jackson County floodwaters,” wrote the Indiana DNR. Heavy rain and intense flooding devastated Indiana and several other midwestern states over the weekend. Transportation officials have offered repeated warnings to drivers to avoid roads covered by flood water — #TurnAroundDontDrown — especially because floodwaters have caused major infrastructure damage.

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb has declared 22 counties to be disaster areas. More rain and flooding are predicted throughout the state on Thursday.

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