Trucker shows off expert level drifting on snowy highway

A video clip capturing a truck driver’s antics on a snowy road has gone viral and sparked online debate about the fine line between fun and highway safety.

The video clip was shared on February 13 by Facebook user and New Brunswick resident James Barriault and captioned “Same day delivery be like…”

While many social media users commented on the driver’s skill (“What a boss”, “Skills”, “I can do that” and references to the movie “Tokyo Drift” were some of the most common responses), others pointed out that the drifting could have easily turned deadly.

America Millaray Morales Hadyn Valenta wrote: “I would be so concerned about the lives of everyone else on the road!!!!!”

Others pointed out that law enforcement would probably not take kindly to the trucker’s snowy joyride if they spotted it.

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