Trucker sues NJ DOT over falling concrete slab that cost him his career

A truck driver has filed suit against the New Jersey Department of Transportation (DOT) after he says that he suffered a major career-ending injury because of the state’s crumbling infrastructure.

A five-foot-long slab of concrete and rebar cost Earl Eckbert his career — and nearly his life.

Posted by NBC New York on Monday, March 26, 2018

The lawsuit stems from an incident that occurred on January 10, 2018, on Route 4 in Teaneck, according to NBC New York. According to reports, fifty-five year old trucker Earl Eckbert was making a routine run when a chunk of concrete fell off of a pedestrian overpass, crashed through his windshield, and struck him in the face.

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The incident left Eckbert blind in one eye and pushed a fragment of his skull into his brain. He also walks with a cane now. Because of his injuries, Eckbert says that he can no longer drive a truck. Eckbert announced on Monday that he will be filing suit against the New Jersey DOT so that no one else is injured — or worse — by the state’s infrastructure deficiencies: “I’m worried this could happen to someone else and they don’t make it out alive.”

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