Veteran trucker shares inspiring song after stage four colon c*ncer d*agnosis

An Oklahoma trucker with 40 years behind the wheel responded to a devastating c*ncer d*agnosis by recording and sharing a song that has gotten him through some tough times. Sixty year old truck driver Delvin Simmons was d*agnosed with stage four colon c*ncer just two weeks ago after he had his first-ever c*lonoscopy. After the serious d*agnosis, Simmons, who is now unable to work as a truck driver, decided that he wanted to record the song

This is the song Dad wanted me to record him singing so I’d have it after he was gone. I love it!!! My sisters have already shared it but I’m sharing it now. So Hang on!

Posted by Justin Simmons on Saturday, May 12, 2018

“The Old Man is D*ad” by Del Way “for my kids in case I did not make the journey through this c*ncer.” Knowing he would soon be too weak to drive, he decided to hop in his truck for one last ride while he recorded the song.

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