Video: City looks for ways to prevent semi-truck crashes at Albuquerque intersection

A busy Albuquerque intersection may be getting a big makeover soon, and drivers say they want to see some changes happen fast before people get hurt. “It can be very dangerous,” said Brenda Gantt. “There’s a lot of accidents here, a lot of near-accidents too,” said Doug Jenkins. For people who drive through the Broadway and Mountain intersection, it’s an area they say they try to avoid if possible. “Some of these people are coming through here 45 and 50, big trucks,” said Gantt. The city’s Department of Municipal Development is now doing a study because of those big trucks, to see if there are ways to improve the intersection. “We’re looking to prevent tractor trailers from making that right and turning too sharply, and then clipping the building, because that’s what does happen,” said Mark Motsko, a spokesperson with DMD. The city added new striping to the intersection a few years ago, but they say it hasn’t been working. Now, they’re looking into other options. “Well, there could be a lot of things including enforcement of no trucks on Mountain Road,” said Motsko. Also, they’re looking to make it safe for people with disabilities to cross. “There isn’t a crosswalk on the north side right now, so that might be something we would look at. Those corners don’t match up, so that makes it more difficult to put a crosswalk in,” said Motsko. The city isn’t taking any suggestions from the community just yet, but drivers KRQE News 13 spoke with say they already have a list of ideas of their own. “Maybe monitor the speeders because there’s a lot of traffic that goes through here awful fast,” said Gantt. “Probably left turn arrows would help. It would be my number one think, I believe,” said Jenkins. Motsko says there is no timeline for the project just yet, and they’re still in the very early stages of collecting data and designing. Once the city is done gathering the data, they say they will contact people in the neighborhood to ask for ideas for the intersection.

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