Video: Drugged Trucker causes Six-vehicle crash.

He runs red light causing six-vehicle crash. They do not all drive like that! There are professional drivers who do their job perfectly but take a look at recently released footage of an allegedly impaired truck driver who faces numerous charges after barreling through an intersection colliding with five other vehicles. The truth is trucker was drugged! It occurred on eastbound Route 22 in Burrell Township, Pennsylvania, on November 13. 40 year old truck driver Hunter Geslien was traveling too fast when he ran a red light and struck five other vehicles waiting at the intersection. One of the vehicles involved was a school van that was transporting special education students and luckily none of them were hurt. Trucker admitted to police that he had used heroin and marijuana and that’s why the crash happened. Police also found marijuana inside Geslien’s truck. Fortunately no one was seriously hurt and another bad truck driver is off the road!

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