Video: Green River, WY – Semi Rollover on Icy I-80

A winter storm covered I-80 in Wyoming leading to treacherous and icy driving conditions. Multiple vehicles pulled off with flashing hazards, and a semi jack-knifed on ice into an embankment completely rolling over and damaging it’s trailer severely. — Shotlist — – Multiple shots of a rolled over semi truck due to ice from various angles on I-80 just E of Green River, Wyoming. – 2 shots of the truck driver examining the wreck and calling the police / tow trucks just E of Green River on I-80. – 2 shots – Heavy snow falls on an icy I-80 as a semi drives under an interstate sign warning of slick conditions just E of Green River, WY. – 2 shots – semi trucks pulled off on the shoulder of I-80 with emergency flashers on.

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