Video: Ice Road Truckers cast member says show might not return

Conflicting Reports No formal announcement has been made yet from the History Channel on the status of the popular and long-running reality TV show Ice Road Truckers. The uncertainty hinges on the fact that one entertainment insider has come out and said the show has definitely been cancelled while Susan Ievoli, vice president for public relations at the History Channel, said in an email, “no decision has been made yet on future seasons of Ice Road Truckers.   “IRT Back Story”
Ice Road Truckers followed the driving exploits of truckers delivering goods to remote locations in northern Canada over frozen lakes and temporary ice roads. Over the 11 seasons, a total of 25 drivers were featured on the show, which started out with truckers delivering supplies to diamond mines in the Northwest Territories.

Over the years, Ice Road Truckers changed locations and formats, and also spun off IRT: Deadliest Roads, which had drivers traversing dangerous roads in the Himalayan Mountains and Bolivia, in 2010. The show was created by Original Productions, which is also responsible for Deadliest Catch, Ax Men, Storage Wars, and Jay Leno’s Garage.

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