VIDEO: Kids talk about how their truck driver parents are heroes

In this touching video, the children in trucking families talk about how they look up to their truck driver moms, dads, grandmas, and grandpas for the sacrifices that they make to keep America running. The kids featured in the video participated in an essay contest hosted by Acuity Insurance in honor of Truck Driver Appreciation Week. The contest asked children twelve years of age or younger who have family members in trucking to answer the question, “What is special about my family member’s job as a truck driver?”

Here a sample of what a few of the kids had to say: “Their job is important because they haul things to keep people safe and for farmers.” “Truck drivers stay out on the road for days, sometimes weeks. They sit through traffic and go to different states and get the stuff we need.” “It is quite a good job because it can feed six people, two dogs, and soon a hamster.” “When you see a truck driver, you should thank them.”

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