Video: Lawyers try driving trucks

A group of lawyers from the Roberts Perryman law firm go to truck driving school in order to better understand the needs of their clients and in this video you can see how one of the instructors says that the lawyers got no special treatment. Here is their reaction after really trying to do what we do everyday: “Well, I didn’t think it would be near as challenging as it was, physically and mentally. I had to learn every single part and how it works from the inside to the outside of the tractor to the trailer to the fifth wheel to the wheels to the airbrakes… I think before you start you appreciate that trucks are not easy to operate. But the problem that you more fully appreciate after you’ve actually driven for awhile is you get no courtesies from the other drivers on the highway.”
If more people actually understood what goes on behind the scenes, from the dispatching and administration, loading and maintenance there would be more respect for what we do. Ignorance of the industry in general is pretty much common place and most notably, we’re the roadblock in front of them. People don’t seem to appreciate everything that goes into bringing the stuff they need and want. They don’t understand the physics behind a fully loaded truck. We want to do a good job and be able to go home, just like you people out there. I’m not here to slow you down but 80k is heavy. It won’t stop on a dime.

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