Video/News: Drivers from massive 94 pileup: “We’re lucky it wasn’t worse”

Kaleigh Cutler was driving on I-94 with her three kids in the car when they were suddenly slammed by heavy snow. “It was getting kind of snowy, and I was thinking ‘Man, we’re on I-94 and this road is kind of notorious for bad accidents” Cutler said. Moments later, cars started slipping and sliding in front of her and she couldn’t stop, hitting the back of a semi-truck. “It was very close to coming into the window. My son’s head was a foot away from being hit by the corner of a semi-trailer. It was horrifying,” Cutler said.

It’s believed the chain-reaction crash started with a collision between a car and a semi-truck around 10 a.m. Friday on westbound I-94 near Race Road outside Jackson. And when it ended, up to 45 vehicles and semis were involved. Mike Bearden was right in the middle of the chaos. “A guy was trying to get over, and apparently he hit the back of my car and spun me around a few times, all the way to the side barrier,” Bearden said. Authorities say three people were taken to the hospital and they’re all in stable condition. 

Crash survivors were taken to the Jackson County Human Services Building to get warm and wait for rides, saying they’re thankful it wasn’t worse. “It was really close to being a lot more damaging then it could have been,” Cutler said. 

“Quick on my feet and glad god was on by side. But, I’m ready for winter to be over,” Bearden said. Authorities continue to investigate the cause of the crash and say weather conditions were most likely an additional factor in creating such a massive pileup.

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