Video/News: Man dies after collision with cement truck near Ottawa Hospital

Ottawa police were investigating Friday after a pedestrian in his 50s was fatally struck by a cement truck as he walked toward The Ottawa Hospital’s General campus. The collision happened around 10 a.m. at a crosswalk on Smyth Road between Highland Terrace and Lynda Lane near the entrance of the hospital.  Kevin Bradford of the Ottawa police collision investigation unit said the man was alone when he stepped off of the south sidewalk and was struck by the eastbound cement truck. The man was discovered entangled under the vehicle and was pronounced dead in hospital.

“From eyewitness accounts, he appears to have stepped off the curb,” said Bradford from the scene. “Right now, we are investigating with the help of district investigations and there will be further follow-up to be done, investigating witnesses. ”Police said it was too early to say whether they are considering charges against the driver of the truck. Bradford said they are conducting a safety check on the vehicle and looking at all the “factors” at play that led to the fatality.“We are not sure what involvement (the truck) has or plays at this point in time,” he said. “There’s video footage we’ll be reviewing as well as some witness statements that we’ll be taking from people that were immediately at the scene and saw what happened.”  A hospital worker walking by the scene said she did not see the crash but considers the intersection “tricky.” “People are always speeding here, it’s crazy,” said Sonja Kanstrup.“ It’s 50 (km/h) and when I’m driving it, I’d say cars are going at least 60 to 70 kilometres an hour. ”In the city’s budget plan in 2013, $1.4 million was allocated to improve the safety of Lynda Lane, a street many use to find short-term parking without having to pay to stay on hospital grounds.

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