Video/News: Motorist says trucker ‘sacrificed himself’ to save her life

A woman credited a truck driver for saving her life, after he decided to swerve and roll his big rig in order to avoid hitting her vehicle. It happened on Friday, September 15th in Wagoner County, Oklahoma. According to News On 6, the tractor trailer was traveling on State Highway 351, otherwise known as the Muskogee Turnpike, when it swerved to avoid slamming into the back of her sedan.

The sudden swerve caused the tractor trailer to overturn and land partially in a roadside ditch. Several motorists rushed to the injured driver’s aid. They pulled him from the overturned rig while each of them took turns stabilizing his neck.    “My mom told him, you know, ‘you need to stay calm,’” said Terrell Daniel, an 18-year-old who rushed in to help the trucker along with her mother, an off-duty paramedic. Daniel says she kept the trucker talking to keep him awake while paramedics arrived.  “We were talking about his wife in Illinois and he was talking about how pretty she was and everything,” said Daniel.  Moments later, a mother and her young son approached the trucker. The mother explained that the trucker had saved both her and her son’s lives by swerving off the road to avoid slamming into the back of their car. “You’d have to be there to understand how emotional it was for this woman to come up and with tears in her eyes, and say, ‘You saved me and my son’s life today.  If it wasn’t for you sacrificing yourself . . . you saved us,” Daniel recalled. Before he was taken to the hospital, the trucker requested each Good Samaritan’s contact information, because he wanted to thank each of them for staying by his side. The driver’s name has not been released.

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