Video/News: Multiple Trucks Catch Fire At Petro Truck Stop

Three semi trucks caught fire at a Petro truck stop in Weathersfield, Ohio, on Friday evening.
The incident happened just after midnight at the Petro located at 1 Petro Place, off Interstate 80.
According to police reports, the fire started in one tractor trailer that was parked at the truck stop, then shortly spread to two adjacent semis. One person was reportedly sleeping inside one of the trucks that caught fire.

Truck driver Tony Price saw the semis on fire and knocked on the trucks to alert anyone inside. He ended up waking up and pulling the sleeping man out of a burning semi. “I started waking everybody up, getting them out of there,” Price told reporters from local WKBN news. “I was banging on his truck and he comes popping out while his truck is on fire. That was it. It was just a bunch of flames everywhere.” No one was seriously injured in the blaze. The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

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