Video/News: Officer taken to hospital after unmarked cop car collides with semi in Surrey

An unmarked police cruiser was involved in a crash with a semi truck this morning. Surrey RCMP Corporal Scotty Schumann said police are investigating, but “we have a theory that the truck was wanting to make a right-hand turn down a road… so it’s safe to say that it appears the truck turned in front of the police car.

”According to reports from the scene, the crash appears to have happened as a semi truck was making a wide right turn onto 146th Street at 64th Avenue at around 9:30 a.m., leading to traffic closures in the area. 

“We’re not pointing the fingers yet but it does appear the truck merged into the police car’s lane,” Schumann said. The officer was taken to the hospital, noted Schumann, to have a minor injury checked out.” “What we’re going to do is canvas the area and see if we can find any video surveillance that depicts the entire incident,” said Schumann. Police continue to investigate.

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