Video/News: Storm causes drivers to get stranded

Hundreds of drivers found themselves stuck on interstates, highways and other routes thanks to Friday’s monster nor’easter. The weather forced many to sleep in their cars or find somewhere else to spend the night. Dozens of cars lined route 611 in Mount Pocono as a massive, snow-covered hill proves too much for drivers. Truck driver Dave Felletter of Stroudsburg was one of those trapped overnight and shared this video with eyewitness news. “A snap of the fingers. It went to horrible and we couldn’t make it up the roads. It has been an extreme nightmare out here” Felletter said. Finally after nearly 13 hours he was freed after roads opened. On Interstate 81, it was a similar story.

The Saint Mary’s ice hockey team spent the night on the road. They were finally freed with enough time to make it to their championship ice hockey game. The national guard is helping the stranded drivers and those without power. Men and women, 90 of them are meeting here in Throop. They are then being dispatched to missions and making incredible rescues.” Lt. Col. James Clancy, with the Guard, said “We got a call probably around midnight last night to do a mission at Kalahari. They had a man that was in cardiac arrest and a woman who was having complications that was 5 months pregnant. So we were able to assist in bringing them to the Pocono medical center. “Gassing up and hitting the road…. These men and women are being sent to the hardest hit places. Inside the command center, they continue to monitor and assess road conditions and power outages. As the roads continue to re-open, their focus will shift to those who are still without power. “When will we be finished? You know, we are not sure.” Lt. Col Clancy said. All of the major highways that were closed have been re-opened.

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