Video/News: Tractor trailer crashes through guardrail

A tractor trailer crashed through a guardrail Thursday afternoon. The crash happened on Highway 7 in Viper, near Big Branch Road. The driver tells WYMT his tire caught a crack on the side of the road and pulled the tractor trailer off the roadway.

He received only a minor injury to his leg and was able to walk away from the crash. Officials say the trees may have prevented the tractor trailer from rolling all the way down into the river. “The back end is down into a fifth there. There man be a couple of trees holding the trailer from turning on over,” said Joseph Harris of Viper Fire and Rescue. “Some of the trees and the terrain down at the bottom is holding it up.” Police have not said yet whether or not they think rainy conditions had anything to do with the crash. Emergency officials were able to remove the tractor Thursday evening and reopen the roadway. They say they will have to wait until Friday to remove the trailer.

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