Video/News: Truck drivers left stranded in storm

Gov. Cuomo says the tractor-trailer ban in place on several New York state highways has been lifted as of 11 p.m. Wednesday. While the snowy road conditions made for hazardous driving, many were forced to stay off the highways altogether.  At the Pilot Travel Center in Schodack, tractor-trailers were packed in tight. The warning signs were all there – from the NewsChannel 13 First Warning Weather team and signs along the road to avoid travel if at all possible. Some people got to stay home from work or school. Others went out – and got stuck. For a second time in less than a week, Mother Nature and Father Frost dealt another blow to an already white-capped northeast, leaving many motorists stranded.  Cars lined I-90 with no choice but to sit and wait as tow trucks worked overtime. Over at the Pilot Truck Stop in Schodack, the travel ban issued by the governor had drivers packed in like sardines. “I was trying to help the guy pull out. He was stuck behind the scale and we were trying to figure out what’s going on. It took us like 20 minutes, probably,” explained Andrei Poskrykov, a truck driver. For some, maneuvering a 53-foot trailer on slippery roads just wasn’t worth the risk — even if the cargo is time sensitive. “I was coming from Vermont picking up from the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory and dropping it off at Hazleton, Pennsylvania,” explained Alan Ward, a truck driver.  Ward is traveling with his fiancé of four months and their 10-month-old German shepherd, “Taz.” His company will pay him for hours lost during the travel ban, but Jon Myers, another truck driver, isn’t as lucky. “I lost at least three-quarters of a day of a pay today. I only worked four hours,” he bemoaned. While Myers will spend his overnight hours working on his fiction suspense thriller book, people like Rick Swartz will be out there making sure the roads are ready for your morning commute. “Stay home, let us do what we’ve got to do. It makes it easier for everybody,” he advised.

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