Video News: Truckers caution drivers to stay away on windy days

It’s not uncommon to see trailers tipped on their side on a very windy day. Some truck drivers say people need to steer clear of semis during high winds. Truck driver Thomas McGrath said 40 to 60 mile per hour winds can cause serious problems. “It will blow the trailer over, just in a instant,” McGrath said. “You have no control over it, it’ll just knock you right over.” Michael Logan has been pulling trailers for more than 30 years. He said people need to always be wary of debris like tires and mud flaps flying of the semis. “Understand that anything can come off of these trucks at anytime, and most of it is pretty heavy,” Logan said. He said the wind also makes it hard to climb hills. Trucks slow down fast if they lose momentum. “If we have to break for a car up in front because they’re drifting, a car or a truck, or texting up in front of us, we’ve got to slow down and it takes us forever to get us going again,” Logan said. Logan said the best advice he can give other drivers is for them to keep a safe distance. “Love yourself, love your family if they’re in there with you, and just keep away from a truck,” Logan said. Logan said people shouldn’t drive alongside a semi for long. He said other drivers should keep a safe distance behind trucks, or pass far ahead of them.

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