Video: State troopers using tractor-trailer to catch texters, seat belt violators

Memorial Day weekend marks the biggest travel weekend so far in 2018, which is why troopers are launching this enforcement tactic. It’s part of the “Click It or Ticket” initiative troopers launch every year leading up to the holiday, as it marks the start of the summer driving season. “It really gives you perspective how many people text and drive and how many wear their seat belts. How many children are not properly restrained in car seats? It’s a helpful tool,”

Trooper Lloyd Cochran says. In one incident Friday, Cochran spotted a driver of a pickup texting with both hands while trying to drive at the same time. Most of the other violations involved lack of seat belts. Seatbelt fines will cost drivers $25. Texting and driving violations cost $35 along with court costs. The tractor-trailer is normally used out of Frankfort to haul its Safety Town exhibit seen at the state fair.

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