Video: Truck Driver Performs Mega Save, Clears Multiple Stationary Semis

Coming out of a situation like this unscathed would be difficult enough in a passenger car, but in an old truck? That was either pure skill or just plain ol’ luck. The incident seems to have occurred in Russia, where a convoy of stationary semis took another truck driver completely by surprise. By the looks of it, the driver in question was either speeding, not paying enough attention, or maybe a bit of both. We’re not exactly sure whether he began trying to avoid the semis only after clearing the dashcam vehicle, or if the latter was actually the first car that he managed to avoid. Either way, his steering inputs must have been more precise than the ones Ken Block uses in his Gymkhana videos. You can tell by the “bleeps” just how much of a nail-biter this was. We still can’t believe the truck didn’t impact the barrier after clearing the first semi. Of course, not only did it not hit the barrier, it also squeezed between all those other semis and made it look easy, despite the slippery conditions. It’s a good thing no other drivers were standing anywhere close to the side of the road or between their rigs. The only guy we saw outside of his semi, saw the out-of-control truck and took a precautionary step back.

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