Video: Truck Driving in Mountains…Oversize Load down narrow 11%-13% grade switchbacks

Continuing on from historical Lillooet,BC it’s 106km to Gold Bridge driving some very treacherous roads with a multitude of tight radius 10-20kmh blind corners and steep dropoffs with no barriers.

It starts at the beginning of Bridge River Rd., where I had to manouver onto a one lane bridge with less than 6″ of clearance on either side, and onwards from here. This is where Bridge River Rd. ends and Carpenter Lake Rd. begins with this test of trucking skills. Look for the pickup coming uphill, you can’t see it but the driver’s eyes went wide as saucers.-lol

At the bottom of the switchbacks there is a large cave not visible. You can see the cave in the video I took of my drive up this set of switchbacks after I unloaded and was homeward bound. Given the history of the area I would not be surprised to learn it was occupied at one time by early Native Indians. Also if you zoom out and look at the geographical features I noticed what looks like an extinct volcano and ancient lava flow field.

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