Video: When People Fail To Obey The MOVE OVER Law

That’s how failure to obey the Move Over Law can lead to dangerous crashes… Tow truck driver shows you what happens when cars tailgate and refuse to move over. Look how a tailgating pickup truck driver forcing a CRV driver into a nose-to-nose crash with the tow truck parked along the shoulder of the road. If you haven’t worked in the industry, don’t pass judgement like “how the tow truck” is facing the wrong way” . You don’t know the kind of situation that caused the driver to have to face into oncoming traffic… From YouTuber David Murphy:
“Dash cam video of what happens when people fail to obey the MOVE OVER Law and also tailgate at highway speeds! Actual crash happens at about 3 1/2 minutes in… but you can see how most drivers refuse to obey the MOVE OVER Law, despite the wrecker with the dash cam being visible for well over 1/2 mile!“

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